Grand Prix 5ROM Romania Bucharest International Computer High School of Bucharest
Gold 1VIE Vietnam Hanoi HUS High School for Gifted Students
Silver 1BUL Bulgaria Sofia SMG “Paisius of Hilendar”
Silver 2RUS Russia Saransk Mordovia Republic School for gifted children
Bronze 7BLR Belarus Minsk BSU Lyceum
Bronze 9RUS Russia Chelyabinsk Fhysics and mathematics Lyceum # 31
Bronze 13ROM Romania Bucharest Tudor Vianu National High School of Computer Science
Honorable mention 8RUS Russia Dolgoprudniy “Phystech-Lyceum” named after P.L. Kapitsa
Honorable mention 1SRB Serbia Berlgrad Mathematical high school
Honorable mention 5RUS Russia Moscow DvazdyDva-2086
Honorable mention 3GEO Georgia Tbilisi LEPL Vladimir Komarovi Tbilisi Physics and Mathematics N199 Public School