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From January 8 to 13 January, 2024, the anniversary XX International Zhautykov Olympiad (hereinafter referred to as IZhO) will be held in Almaty. The organization of this event is entrusted to the National School of Physics and Mathematics, which proudly takes responsibility for holding the anniversary Olympiad. This will be a special moment, since the Olympiad is being held in offline format after a three-year period in an online format.

IZhO continues to maintain its uniqueness by holding a competition in three subjects among specialized schools of physics and mathematics. This distinguishes it from other international Olympiads and underlines the importance of these scientific disciplines for the development of the intellectual potential of young people.

This year’s Olympiad will be attended by about 600 participants, 85 teams from 15 countries, including Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria, Tajikistan, Mongolia, Georgia, Serbia, India and Romania.

The purpose and objectives of the Olympiad are to create conditions for identifying gifted children, their further intellectual development and professional orientation, dissemination and popularization of physical, mathematical and IT knowledge among young people, as well as the development of international cooperation with physical and mathematical schools in other countries.

The grand opening and closing ceremonies of the XX IZhO will take place on January 8 and January 13, 2024, respectively, at the Almaty Theatre, which has become a symbol of modern, urban culture and hospitality.

The National School of Physics and Mathematics expresses deep gratitude to its reliable partners and sponsors, who greatly contribute to the success of this event, including the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the general sponsor of the Olympiad “Lancaster group”, “Freedom Finance”, corporate sponsors Akimat of Almaty, Almaty Theater, official sponsors Fizmat Endowment Fund, ADD Invest Properties, TAS Group, public foundation “Аssyltas” and Olympiad partners RSPC “Daryn”, Nurlan Kapparov Foundation and Lenovo, AvtoPark, SKILL MATRIX, UMAG,


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